Bootleggers a classic movie




Bootlegging in the hood – a gripping tale based on true events!

Bootleggers is based on a true story. My first movie 2 Sides of Life was the most Bootlegged movie in the history of Miami Florida. It caught me by surprised after I lent one DVD to someone to view it and they made a copy, and then it became like a virus and everyone had the movie, and poor old me I didn’t benefit financially. I only got street cred, which meant zero dollars.

During this time I watch hundreds of thousand being sold in the streets of Miami, so I said to myself why don’t I come up with a script about Bootlegging. Staring Bulldog. So, my 2 sons and I went to McDonalds where I wrote 3 pages per day. My kids were young kids at the time and they played for hours in the play area while I spent 30 days writing this feature film. Didn’t have any money to make the film but determination will take you a long way.

I completed the film in 6 months, and distributed on DVD. A few months later I got a ditribution deal with a middle man company (I won’t mention their name) but they cheated me out of every dime with a smile on their face. I can’t figure out how the people who do wrong stay blessed. Starting not to believe what goes around come around, but the good part is I never gave up my rights to any of my movies. That is why years later I can still sell them. Never give up your rights to your films unless they suck.

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